Frequesntly Asked Questions

Q: Does Cuesta’s Fiestas have a restaurant?

A: We do not have and location at this time. Cuesta’s Fiestas prepares it’s food at a board of health certified kitchen.

Q: How do you roast the whole pig & pork shoulders?

A: We use a Caja China roasting box for roasting a whole pig. It can roast up to a 60-pound pig.

The pork is encased in the box while coal heats from the top. It acts as a large convection oven locking in all of the natural flavors of the pork and marinade. The pig is butterflied and cooks skin side down for the ¾ of the time and then is flipped over for the remaining time to crisp the skin.

Roasting the pork can take anywhere from 5-8 hours. As such, we will need to arrive on site several hours prior to serving.

Q: How do you prepare the paellas?

A: Paellas can be delivered ready to eat or can be made on site for an additional fee. We use traditional carbon steel pans from Spain with specialized burner made to accommodate them. We use pans as small as 13 inches and up to 32 inches in diameter depending on the amount of people being served.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes Cuesta’s Fiestas is fully insured

Q: How do I book Cuesta’s Fiestas for an event?

A: Give us a call, or send an e-mail for a quick response. It is best to book us at least 2 weeks in advance to secure a date for your event. This gives us plenty to time to order some of our specialized ingredients.

A 50% deposit is required after contracting with us. This is a firm commitment. Deposit will not be refunded for cancellations inside of 1 week from the date of your event

*Prices do not include the 7% state meal tax.